Inside an All-White Town’s Divisive Experiment With Cryptocurrency

Published: June 26, 2019 | by Bitcoin Press News Team

In South Africa, a right-wing enclave turned to blockchain to cut themselves off from the black-majority state. Jonathan Torgovnik Dawie Roodt settles into his patio chair and looks out over the dry highlands east of Pretoria.

It’s a bright Sunday in November—perfect weather for a braai , South Africa’s cherished barbecue tradition—and in the hot stillness of the afternoon even the skittish, deerlike duikers that roam the backyard have paused their grazing to lounge. Yet despite the soothing influence of brandy and grilled lamb liver, Roodt’s intensity is palpable. His jaw, half shaded by a leather safari hat, appears spring-loaded, […]

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